These are the Terms and Conditions of Hire for A5 Bouncy Castles. The company accept no responsibility for damage or injury whilst our equipment is under hire to you.


1. Hire of equipment is on a daily basis with delivery to homes normally between 9am and 1pm and collection from 5pm as per arrangements. Delivery to indoor venues such as village halls / clubs / play centres can be specially arranged with times agreed on booking. Adult hire times are specially arranged and agreed beforehand.


2. Please ensure the delivery driver has free and easy access to erect the castle onto a clean flat lawn. Please ensure the area is clear of garden furniture, toys and most importantly animal faeces. Please be advised that if we arrive and there is insufficient space or the lawn is unsuitable (i.e. sloping or is unclean) full payment still has to be made. No refund will be made even in the event of bad weather or unsuitability of hire after setting up. All payments must be in cash and paid on delivery.


3. At all times the equipment is the property of A5 Bouncy Castles.  and they reserve the right to collect the equipment at any time they feel necessary either in the event, or expectation, of poor weather or any other reason they produce, no refunds will be given in the event of weather most castles come with rain covers this does not GUARANTEE  that it is rain proof.


4. In the unlikely event that A5 Bouncy Castles cannot deliver the equipment due to events beyond their control then they will not be held responsible for any liabilities that this may cause.


7. Footwear, dangerous objects such as pens, buckles, purses etc. must be removed. Spectacles are better removed.


8. Do not allow people to bounce on the front step.


9. Do not allow people to climb, sit or hang off the walls.


10. Do not allow animals on or near the equipment.


11. No food, drink or smoking is allowed on the inflatable. Castles left dirty muddy will have to pay A5 Bouncy Castles a £50.00 cleaning fee.


12. No somersaults or other manoeuvres that may risk causing damage to the persons head / neck / back or any other part of any person's body are allowed on the inflatable.


13. The supervisor should watch the inflatable constantly and any children playing in a dangerous manner must be dealt with and removed immediately.


14. Larger children must be segregated from the smaller ones.


15. The inflatable must not be overloaded and an adequate bouncing space must be available for each person whilst on the inflatable so as not to cause contact to others whilst bouncing.


16. The inflatable must not be deflated while in use and the anchor points must not be tampered with. Please ensure all crash mats remain against each other and stay in touch with the front step.


17. Party poppers, hair dye, face paint, silly string, spray foam, washing up liquid and any other liquids must not be used on the inflatable. (These substances cause permanent damage to the inflatable and the cost of this damage may be charged to the hirer.)


18. Any vandalism or wilful damage must be paid for in full by the hirer. The hirer will be responsible for the cost of any repairs needed, including carriage to and from the repairers, for any damage caused by misuse of the equipment, normal wear and tear excluded.


19. The inflatable is not to be used by persons over 12, unless adult hire has been agreed by A5 Bouncy Castles Any child taller than the inside wall is not permitted to use it. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should adults enter onto the castle as this may result in damage to the castle.


20. The inflatable must be switched off if the wind rises to a dangerous level.


21. In the event of rain, it is strongly recommended that the equipment be switched off at the socket until the rain has passed. The shower cover (If fitted) is only there to keep the castle bed as dry as possible during shower periods. Once inflated again, the castle bed and front step should be towel dried thoroughly before further use. Also ensure that the extension reel is kept dry at all times.


22. A5 Bouncy castles has full public liability insurance, however, A5 Bouncy Castles can take no responsibility or liability once the inflatable has been left in the supervision of the hirer. A5 Bouncy Castles must also warn the hirer that if any accident occurs from the hirers neglect to supervision then the hirer will be responsible and notA5 bouncy castles.


23. In the unlikely event of a problem with the hired equipment during the hire period the hirer MUST NOT attempt to fix the problem unless it is minor i.e. the blower detaches from the castle. Instead the hirer should CONTACT A5 Bouncy Castles.


24. Overnight hires you the customer shall be full responsible to cover up the castle at night time, the delivery driver will show you on what to do, all overnight hires will pay a £50.00 dep refundable on castle being collected in same condition as when the Castle was dropped off.


25. Only our delivery driver is authorised to collect the equipment and under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our delivery driver, are someone from A5 Bouncy Castles, name will be provided from A5 bouncy Castles beforehand.



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